Opto-Mechanics: For more than 30 years Newport has manufactured the world’s most comprehensive line of optical mounts and positioners. Our precision mechanics help researchers and companies stay at the leading edge.

Vibration control: With over 40 years of vibration control and vibration isolation design and manufacturing experience, Newport has become the industry standard for optical tables, isolation systems, and vibration control products. Our expertise in tuned damped composite structures provide exceptional stability for laser platforms, optical table systems (doubler system) and semiconductor tool platforms.

Motion Control: With 50 years of precision mechanical design, fabrication and motion control experience and expertise, Newport has developed an extensive catalog of manual positioning and motion control products.

Optics: Newport offers the highest quality optics covering UV, visible, NIR and IR wavelengths. Whether you are setting up a laser experiment or integrating a commercial photonics product, we have competitively priced high performance optics to suit your needs

Solar simulators: Our light source offering is varied and significant. If you need to simulate the sun by matching the solar spectra, or need the specific spectra provided by Arc Lamps, Deuterium Lamps or Incandescent Sources, Oriel has the light source that you need.

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